We Design Controls for HVAC Building Automation to Achieve Ease of Use, Cost and Energy Savings

Our goal is to design and build commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems that help our customers operate their facilities to meet their business goals while also reducing expenses for maintenance and energy.

Building Automated Controls for a Major Food Processing Company

Building Automated Controls for a Major Food Processing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio

One of the ways we achieve this for our customers is by including controls. We are a value-added reseller (VAR) for ASI because its industry-leading HVAC controller systems can communicate with existing controls in your facility built by other suppliers. ASI controls use an open protocol and communications architecture to enable the commercial HVAC and refrigeration solutions we engineer to work with legacy equipment already installed in your facility.

HVAC digital controls (DDC) enable Century Mechanical Solutions to provide you with HVAC controllers and automation that save you money for energy and to efficiently operate your plants and offices.

Avoid Business Interruptions with Remote Monitoring

With digital controllers, we are able to remotely monitor your equipment. We can check from a computer desktop in a remote offices to watch how your equipment is functioning and make changes remotely when needed. Constant monitoring is made possible by the digital controls also enables us to provide you with plans for preventative maintenance and to identify problems quickly to avoid major disruptions to your facilities and activities.

Our Customers Say

“Knowing that a call to you will result in timely problem solutions is something we don’t always see”

Ann Martin, Cincinnati Postal Credit Union