Customized Commercial HVAC: Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

At Century Mechanical Solutions each Commercial HVAC project is entirely unique; we thrive on the challenge of coming up with state of the art commercial HVAC applications that can be seamlessly integrated into your business space. As business owners ourselves we know that productivity is a key factor in ongoing success, and part of our design work involves figuring out how to make the changes our customers want while at the same time causing as little disruption as possible to their day to day affairs. Cincinnati, Ohio is our home base and we proudly work all over Ohio as well as in Kentucky and Indiana.

We pride ourselves on safety, and ensuring that before, during, and after your retrofit or new installation, safety will be as important as function and cost effectiveness.

Leaders in Commercial HVAC Design-Build

Rooftop Air Handling Unit Installation

Rooftop Air Handling Unit Installation

Choosing a commercial HVAC design-build contractor can seem difficult when it’s time for a new system or to retrofit your existing commercial HVAC. Cincinnati and the surrounding areas offer many choices, but here’s what sets Century Mechanical Solutions apart from the rest. Many HVAC contractors design their installations around the products that they sell and service, and this limits the scope of their creativity and the potential cost effectiveness of their designs. At Century Mechanical Solutions we are not limited to specific equipment manufacturers, which enables our skilled project engineers and technicians to examine and assess each project and it’s individual needs to determine what will be the most successful approach to completing it. We use the best and most cutting edge technology on the market, including digital controls which allow the most efficient control your HVAC system and also create enormous annual energy bill savings.

Automated Controls Enable Lower Energy Usage and Maximum Uptime

HVAC Controls Cabinet

HVAC Controls Cabinet

Besides the huge savings that digital controls give you, they also offer the added benefits of remote system control and security. We can monitor and adjust your systems from our computers, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in temperature and humidity management as well as being aware of any potential problems that may arise and being able to deal with them before they become a serious issue. Our ASI controls can be linked directly to the equipment you already have installed during a retrofit, which saves you money and maximizes the potential of your existing HVAC system.

Commercial HVAC Project Examples

  • At Cincinnati based food processing company Wornick Foods, our redesign and retrofit is currently saving them $1 million per year.
  • For the 100 year old Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, in Covington, Kentucky. The challenge was to completely retrofit their HVAC system while preserving the aesthetics of this historical and architectural landmark, one of only 35 in the entire country. It was a huge success, and one of our most delicate projects to date.
  • Time and budget sensitive projects are no stranger to us either, and when the United States Playing Card Company needed to relocate from Norwood, Ohio to their new facility in Kentucky we were happy to oblige with a plan and a quote that fit their needs and accomplished their goals in the time frame they required.

These are just some of the projects that we’ve proudly completed, and that have earned us the great name and reputation we have for precision Commercial HVAC design, installation and maintenance.

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

In addition to design and installation, we offer preventative maintenance options for either your whole system or just individual parts. Our maintenance technicians are available 24/7 to ensure smooth operation and prompt emergency repair if the situation arises. Preventative maintenance ensures longer equipment life, reduced energy and repair costs, and reduced system interruptions due to mechanical failure. We also offer combustion safety studies, mechanical integrity surveys, and energy audits that are all designed with your business’s safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

When you have a new project on the boards, think of us when you think of commercial HVAC. Cincinnati or further afield, please let us know how the team at Century Mechanical Solutions can help you with your next new, retrofitting, or general HVAC service needs. Call us at (513)­ 681-5700 or complete our contact form.