HVAC for State-of-the-Art Factory

Century Mechanical Solutions teamed up with Paul Hemmer Construction to expand, relocate and convert the customer’s Norwood facility to create a research and technology development center.

Meet Our Customer: Siemens’ Norwood Motor Manufacturing Facility

The Norwood Motor Manufacturing Facility, originally built in 1898, was the first manufacturing facility in Norwood and is one of Siemens’ oldest manufacturing facilities. Siemens is the No. 1 provider of electric motors worldwide.

The Challenge: Create State-of-the-Art Factory

Siemens’ goal was to create a state-of-the-art factory with a newly designed material flow path and install new equipment technologies such as laser cutting, vacuum pressure impregnation and a redesigned test field.

Our Solution: Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Process Piping

Century provided and installed air conditioning for the new coil and winding department and heating and ventilation for the new rotor shop and assembly departments. Century installed process piping, including compressed air, natural gas, oxygen and nitrogen. Century also provided and installed exhaust systems for process equipment and hookups for Siemens process equipment.

In the second project, Century completed the detailed process of relocating pipes and equipment to create and open shipping area. Siemens wanted parts of the old facility tore down to adjust the flow of material and create a lean design process. Century was responsible for identifying, uninstalling and relocating all process piping and HVAC equipment.

A third project focused on energy savings. Century converted the entire facility from steam to a combination of gas-fired unit heaters and direct-fired makeup air equipment in the plant, and electric heat in the offices. This process was necessary because the existing boilers operated on an oversized high-pressure heating system. Additional issues arose with constant need to repair aging pipes. Century demolished the old equipment as well as provided and installed the new equipment.