HVAC Design-Build for Large Manufacturer

Century Mechanical Solutions partnered with PCA Architecture and Klenco Construction to relocate the customer’s four-story Norwood, Ohio factory to its retrofit single-story Kentucky facility.

Meet Our Customer: United States Playing Card Company


For more than 100 years, The United States Playing Card Co. has been the leader in production and distribution of premier playing cards.

The Challenge: Design-Build HVAC for Large Manufacturing Facility

The relocation of the facility was time and budget sensitive. Century contributed through the design/build of HVAC for the 400,000 square-foot manufacturing space addition as well as the 70,000 square-foot offices.

Our Solution: Tightly Controlled Temperature and Humidity

New Industrial Make Up Air Installation

The majority of the work was done in the production facility with tightly controlled temperature and humidity requirements. Century designed and installed a chilled glycol system to provide cooling for the manufacturing area. Three chillers were installed to produce more than 1,000 tons of capacity to supply chilled glycol for (7) air handlers, (1) makeup air unit and various process equipment. Seven gas-fired humidifiers maintain relative humidity to meet United States Playing Card’s product specifications.

Additional installations were performed including (15) pumps, (5) boilers, chilled water piping, natural gas piping and exhaust and supply fans. HVAC for office areas was provided with (7) rooftop units. All this equipment is tied in, monitored and maintained through a custom web-based ASI control system.

Notable design features include redundancy through multiple chillers, spare capacity for expansion and energy savings from recapturing conditioned air from exhaust.