Food Processing Water Reclamation System Saves More Than $1 Million Annually

Century Mechanical Solutions developed a design/ build plan for increased cooling capacity and a large-scale water reclamation project at the Cincinnati food-processing company’s plant that saves Wornick more than $1 million a year.

Meet Our Customer: Wornick Foods

Cooling Towers - Package Foods Processor

Cooling Tower at Wornick Foods

Wornick Foods is a leading supplier of convenience foods and military rations to institutional customers including the U.S. government and large consumer product goods companies. Wornick was founded in 1979 in Cincinnati and employs more than 500 people.

The Challenge: Provide Cooling Capacity and Reduce Water Usage

Extensive observations and calculations were performed to determine the  appropriate combination of chillers, pumps and cooling towers to provide cooling capacity while also significantly reducing water use. Installation required work around an existing, operating chiller system and retorts used in Wornick’s distillation process.

Our Solution: Water Usage Reduced 80%, Saving $1 Million per Year

To limit interruptions to production, Century staged the installation of two chillers so there always would be one in operation. Century worked with Wornick’s scheduling team to select banks of retorts to be isolated at various intervals. Century Mechanical Solutions partnered with Akins and Stang to provide additional electric service to support the new equipment.

The resulting system is a high-tech closed loop that provides faster cooling process times and increased production capacity. One million gallons of water per day are now recycled and treated. Wornick’s water usage has been reduced by 80 percent, resulting in cost savings of more than $1 million annually.

What Our Customer Says

Robin Hahn, P.E., a structural engineer with Advantage Group Engineers, said he and Advantage Group have more than 25 years of experience in partnering with Century Mechanical on projects for manufacturers throughout the Cincinnati area. “It’s a true testament to Century that when people move to a new job with a new business, they bring (Century) with them,” Hahn said.