HVAC Design-Build for LEED Certified Headquarters Office Building

Century Mechanical Solutions partnered with Paul Hemmer Construction and KZF Design to construct a state-of-the-art, three-story headquarters building for Griffin Industries. Century contributed through the design/build of the HVAC system and the achievement of LEED certified status for environmentally safe design.

Meet Our Customer: Griffin Industries

Founded in 1943, Griffin Industries provides the most-effective animal rendering and bakery byproduct and restaurant grease recycling services in the world. Griffin reclaims these materials into products ranging from animal feed and pet food ingredients to fuels and fertilizers.

The challenge: Company Wants to Reduce Overall Carbon Footprint

The company is a model of recycling excellence and Griffin’s leaders wanted their new corporate office is be certified through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building is environmentally responsible and a healthy environment for employees and visitors. Everything from ceiling tiles and insulation to flooring, windows and lighting are selected for energy efficiency to reduce overall carbon footprint.

Our solution: Design-Build HVAC System that Enables Client to Achieve LEED Certification

The headquarters is a 47,000-foot show case, constructed in accordance with LEED NC 2.2 Green Building Rating System. Century Mechanical Solutions is directly responsible for nine of the points awarded and contributed to several more through compliance with LEED construction standards. These points came from optimizing energy performance, enhanced refrigerant management, indoor air quality management and thermal comfort.

The HVAC design consisted of a custom air handler serving multiple VAV boxes. Additional features include an economizer, higher efficiency fans and oversized ductwork. These components work together to lower static pressure allowing less energy to be spent moving air. The design also provides better control, redundancy and noise reduction to meet the Griffin’s requirements.

What our customer says

“Century Mechanical took the time to visit several jobs that they had completed with my construction staff to review quality of systems installation and overall operational needs,” said Robert Griffin, President of Griffin Industries.

“Century Mechanical is a turnkey operation from design, installation and maintenance solutions. Combining that with a very professional staff with the knowledge of advanced technology equals complete customer satisfaction.”