Safety at Century Mechanical Solutions

Safety is a focus for us on every project we undertake. At Century Mechanical Solutions we are proud partners with the Safety Alliance for OSHA Training, and all of our maintenance technicians are duly licensed and continue to receive the most up to date and current specialized manufacturer HVAC/R training in their fields. Not only do we design and build customized systems to suit our clients’ specifications, but also offer specialized safety services in the areas of combustion safety and mechanical integrity and audits.

How Our Safety Practices Benefit Our Clients

We work with our clients to ensure that both their employees and our technicians have the safest work environment possible during all phases of construction and installation. We then ensure that our clients’ employees are fully trained in the safe use of the new equipment, which minimizes the risk of on the job accidents and corresponding work delays after we finish the project. To ensure the smooth running of our clients’ new systems and equipment, we offer regularly scheduled preventative maintenance check-ups which drastically reduce the risk of equipment failure and any injuries that may occur as a result. We specialize in food processing and medical facility installations where constant high hygiene levels are required both during and after the installation.

Why Safety Is Critical During HVAC/R Installation

Dangerous chemicals pose carbon monoxide risks, and our technicians understand the need for adequate ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning from these fumes, and take all the appropriate precautions including using all of the OSHA required safety equipment while working. Our technicians use the proper tools and materials for all of the electrical work they do, and ensure that all of it is completed according to code and specifications.

Our Promise To You

When it’s time for your next retrofit or new HVAC/R installation, let us design a unique, cost effective plan for you and your business, and see why hundreds of happy customers keeping coming back to Century Mechanical Solutions for their HVAC/R needs. And know that from start to finish you will be working with the only company who treats commercial and industrial HVAC safety in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with the level of importance that we do.