We are Your Design-Build Solution for Commercial HVAC & Industrial Refrigeration

Installing a Ammonia Evaporative Condenser for a Dairy Products Company in Cincinnati, Ohio

Installing a Ammonia Evaporative Condenser for a Dairy Products Company in Cincinnati, Ohio

Across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, facilities managers and business leaders make Century Mechanical Solutions their No. 1 choice when their factory, laboratory, churches, hospitals and schools need new commercial HVAC or industrial refrigeration systems.

We are honored by your confidence in us and intend to continue to earn your trust by designing and building the right solution for your needs at the right price to meet your budget. And, we complete your projects on time to meet your schedule.

Our proven record of consistently engineering, installing and maintaining complete HVAC and industrial refrigeration systems is what makes Century Mechanical Solutions a leader in our industry. We are not the biggest mechanical contractor in Cincinnati, but we combine top-quality engineering expertise with the experience and skill of our more than 35 employees to deliver the best solutions when you need them.


We Engineer Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration Systems to Fit Your Needs

Commercial Refrigeration Project

Commercial Refrigeration Design-Build Project

We are design-build experts at creating cost-effective HVAC and industrial refrigeration solutions and controls. We do build to specifications but our engineers will come up with custom solutions with equipment that enables you to accomplish your goals for manufacturing and the comfort and safety of your employees, customers and visitors.

We can partner with other trusted contractors when needed to handle any size project in nearly every business. We are not limited to working with one supplier or manufacturer.

Century Mechanical Solutions is privately held and led by its owner. That ensures you receive personalized attention from us, regardless of the size of your project.

Our Customers

We work in nearly every industry and institution, including food processing, meat packing, pharmaceuticals, cold storage, consumer products, ice making, distilleries, breweries, chemical processing, food flavoring, paper making, printing, aerospace and manufacturing. Our customers also include hospitals, schools, colleges and churches.